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The Return of the Jeremiad: My (Accurate!) Prophecy from 2012

A while ago I wrote a seminar/conference paper in Graduate School arguing the presidential “we” rhetoric was, in a time of permanent crisis, on the way out. I used Jimmy Carter’s Crisis of Confidence speech (forever tarnished as the “malaise … Continue reading

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Clinton’s ads were content free

I found this study featured in Vox to be fascinating. It’s symptomatic of the Democrats’ strategy since 2009 or so of not building popular enthusiasm for their ideas between elections, instead gambling that wonks and connected wheelers-and-dealers can craft and … Continue reading

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Historical Congressional District Mapper

Of several to choose from, the most annoying feature of our Constitution is apportionment in the House. As far back as 17th century colonial elections, gerrymandering has afflicted single-member districts in the U.S. While the Warren Court’s “one person, one … Continue reading

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MRP, simplified

The irony of my life is that I failed high school math, went to Graduate school to study Political Theory‚Ķand left with a dissertation about something called “multi-level regression, imputation, and post-stratification” (MRP, though it should be called “MRIP”). Was … Continue reading

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Mapping Congressional Districts in R with the ggplot2 package

I’m often asked how I’m able to produce maps of Congressional districts in R. R, for the blissfully uninitiated, is a statistical programming environment that’s about as fun to use as undergoing a colonoscopy. Its bizarre syntax, unhelpful errors and … Continue reading

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Official 2016 Election Returns + Finance Data

Hi everyone, I’ve compiled the official election returns from official Secretaries of State reports and merged in voting-age population and campaign finance data in Excel. It is with a heavy heart that I announce that neither Harold Stassen nor Pat … Continue reading

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Unofficial 2016 election returns + voter turnout + campaign finance info

Hi everyone, The torturous 2016 elections are two weeks behind us, and all but two federal Congressional races have been decided. Because of one of the quainter provisions of Article I (stipulating that states regulate elections and compile the returns … Continue reading

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Cliff’s Political Science Data Repository

Hi all, I’m beginning to assemble tons of historical data for Congressional districts, and thought I’d make some of it available on my website. I’m going to build the data repository here: Cliff

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Dimpled Chad, downsized

Well, the [very nice people] who took such umbrage to a website that lets you look at static, longitudinal graphs of historical polling data won after over a year of [kind-hearted] and [magnanimous] legal pressure. I am forced to shut … Continue reading

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(Re) Introducing Dimpled Chad!

Well, the “legal complications” about which my previous announcement speaks have not only for the past month submerged my web project, but my life as well. For now, I would be well advised not to comment on the ongoing university-wide … Continue reading

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